Youth and women empowerment

This program works to empower youth and women in order to create an equal society and invest in our currently underutilized human capital.


Young people are a crucial segment of society and will have the capacity to improve future development. We believe in empowering youth through encouraging them to work together across ethnic, social, and political lines. This advances their common interests and therefore enables them to participate in the political and economic agenda of the country. We hope for all youth to have a full education. This includes academics but also life skills, civic participation, appreciation of diversity, and preparation for livelihoods. We foster, develop and support youth initiatives. Additionally, e promote and encourage the need for a strong representational youth voice in the service and decision-making life of our community.


By empowering women financially, we strengthen their voices and bargaining power within the home, the wider community and the nation at large. If you empower a woman, you empower a family and a whole nation. We work through several projects.

NLPF also promotes and addresses the following gender issues against women:

  • Violence against women.
  • Discrimination on political Participation & Leadership.
  • Human Rights for Women.
  • Retrogressive cultural practices.


  • Life Skills Training

We encourage education for youth and women in all aspects of life as well as academic. We specifically want to provide literacy skills for women to enable them to be independent in business.

  • Finance

We provide access to microfinance which enables women to be economically independent. We also set up self help groups which encourages mutual reliance.

  • Empowering Widows

We provide widows with counseling, literacy skills, knowledge of inheritance rights, and business skills to enable them to be economically and emotionally stable.

  • Provision of sanitary towels.

We provide sanitary products for girls in school to enable them to continue their education throughout the year while providing them with feminine hygiene.