Peace Building

NLPF seeks to work with communities in conflict areas to prevent violence and provide a platform for dialogue and ultimately peace restoration. The Foundation works with warring communities to deepen the collective understanding of the conflict and bring together the communities to create a platform to resolve their differences peacefully. The Foundation acts as a first-time responder to conflicts; providing support and practical resources and then presents the experience learned to government decision-makers and other peace stakeholders to improve peacebuilding policies and practices nationwide.

This program aims to work with people in areas of conflict, in order to prevent violence and build peace. Our aims specifically are:

  • To promote understanding of peaceful ways and conflict resolution.
  • To create opportunities for dialogue between divided communities.
  • To strengthen peacebuilding policies and practices.
  • To provide emergency relief and as such removing a source of conflict.
  • To encourage peacebuilding in the governance of communities.
  • To provide support for people involved in peacebuilding programs.

We build peace through encouraging genuine partnerships, promoting comparative learning through a tailored approach, and engagement whilst not taking sides.


  • Leadership Training

We equip young women with leadership skills and create spaces that facilitate young men and women to lead social change. We share information and resources to build leadership skills.

  • Conflict Resolution

We create meetings between divided communities, and so opening up a dialogue which enables them to discuss and resolve issues.