Our focus area

NLPF’s focus areas encompass the creation of innovative solutions around; community peacebuilding, education promotion and economic empowerment programs for women and youth, health promotion and environment conservation. The Foundation seeks to establish partnerships with institutions, investors, philanthropic individuals and other development stakeholders to execute projects and to promote ideas for self-sustainability.

Our Thematic Focus

i. Peace Building and Conflict Resolution

NLPF seeks to work with communities in conflict areas to prevent violence and provide a platform for dialogue and ultimately peace restoration. The Foundation works with warring communities to deepen the collective understanding of the conflict and bring together the communities to create a platform to resolve their differences peacefully. The Foundation acts as a first-time responder to conflicts; providing support and practical resources and then presents the experience learned to government decision-makers and other peace stakeholders to improve peacebuilding policies and practices nationwide.

ii. Education Promotion and Economic Empowerment

NLPF’s objective is to promote education through the provision of; bursaries, scholarships, sanitary towels, learning materials and improved public schools’ infrastructure. NLPF targets academically gifted students from financially disadvantaged backgrounds. Secondly, the Foundation seeks to empower and equip unemployed youth and women to grow microenterprises by equipping them with technical skills of running and growing their businesses as well as supporting existing micro-entrepreneurs who wish to move their business from the informal to the formal sector.

iii. Health Promotion

Access to quality healthcare is big challenge affecting most Kenyans and more so those residing in Samburu County as a result of the poorly-equipped and sparsely distributed health care centers. The emergence of HIV/AIDS pandemic coupled with minimal interventions in the area by other NGOs and Government of Kenya calls for the attention of NLPF.

NLPF seeks to carry out health awareness campaigns targeting HIV/AIDS, Cancer, Malaria, TB, Diabetes, Fistula and other diseases. The Foundation is consistently seeking support from the private, public and NGO sector healthcare stakeholders to facilitate free rural medical camps to assist members of the local community who cannot afford or get access to healthcare facilities.

iv. Water and Sanitation

Samburu County is located in the Arid and Semi-Arid Lands (ASAL) region in Kenya where water is a scarce resource. The reduced or sometimes no access to clean drinking water becomes a source of many health challenges. Many rural households don’t have access to clean and safe drinking water. Most of them walk for long distances to fetch water from far-off seasonal rivers due to persistent and erratic rainfall failures.

NLPF constantly seeks for partnerships and funding mechanisms to support the local community in sinking water boreholes, distribution of water tanks for rainwater harvesting and construction of weirs in rivers to enhance water supply. In addition, the Foundation sensitizes the community on sanitation and how to innovatively improve it at the household level.

v. Environmental Conservation

Environmental destruction in Samburu County is rampant with effects being unpredictable rainfall patterns, persistent droughts and dry rivers and streams. This has led to a decline in agricultural production in the area.

NLPF is aggressively educating and sensitizing the local community on environmental conservation. The Foundation is building a network of youth and women groups that are continuously involved in tree nursery development and subsequent distribution of tree seedlings through schools, churches, and households.