Ongoing projects

  1. Distribution of sanitary towels to primary and secondary school girls in Kisima Girls, St. Theresa’s Wamba, Wamba Girls, Nkuroto Mixed, Bishop Perlo Girls, Sereolipi Day School, Springs of Hope Children’s Home, Suguta Girls rescue centre, Baragoi Girls, Tuum Girls among others in partnership with Mfariji Africa, Zana Africa, Garden of Hope Foundation and Governor Mike ‘Sonko’ Mbuvi.
  2. We have also begun the distribution of sanitary towels in Primary schools including Lerata, Lchoro, Lorok, Maralal DEB and Loikas, the objective being to cover the whole of Samburu County.
  3. Construction of the ‘NaiSonko’ library at AIC Moi Girls High School in Maralal.
  4. Construction of a computer laboratory and dining hall at Maralal DEB Primary School in partnership with MTN Business Kenya and provision of books, computers, tablets and digital content.
  5. Renovation of a computer lab for St. Paul’s Primary school ahead of a donation by the Ministry of Education of Computers and digital content.
  6. Peace tournaments in the 3 Samburu sub-counties in partnership with Kenya Commercial Bank Foundation, Equity Group Foundation, and Kenya Red Cross.
  7. Scholarship programs, peace training among others.