Education Promotion

This program aims to promote education throughout the Samburu County. Education can ease other struggles such as poverty, war, ignorance, and disease. NLPF helps children from the poorest households to stay in school. The foundation’s funding does this by covering the cost of items they cannot afford such as stationery, school clothing, sanitary pads, and shoes. This encourages children to learn and boosts their morale. Many of the children are orphans cared for by grandmothers, or other relatives, who often have other children to look after as well. NLPF embraces fighting poverty by educating and empowering girls in rural communities, through transparent, accountable programs. By educating women and investing in their unbounded potential, we will create a more equal and just world. The education of women and girls is not only essential to achieving gender equality but also to address the full spectrum of developmental challenges. Research shows more and more that education needs to be highly prioritized and is one of the most yielding investments a nation can make.


  • ¾ Funding Stationary and School Clothing

We provide essential school items to children who cannot afford the costs. This funding enables vulnerable children to progress through their grades and stay in school to finish their education.

  • ¾ Scholarships

We provide promising students with scholarships which enables them to progress through school and on to university level education. NLPF is currently sponsoring 9 students at university level, and to date has sponsored 71 through to completed secondary level education.

  • ¾ Adult Education and Business

We are committed to improving adult education alongside children’s. As such we are encouraging the growth of adult education both literacy-based and business, this is beneficial to the individual who can thus increase their net worth, and also to the community who can see economical improvements through growth in local business.

  • ¾ Health Education

We are promoting health teaching, in particular, sexual health, in schools so to ensure children are less vulnerable to diseases such as HIV/Aids.

  • ¾ Funding Sports Initiatives in Schools

We are keen to encourage schools to provide excellent sports education to their students and as such are funding initiatives in local schools.