Towards Universal Healthcare for Samburu West

On March 5th 2017, Hon Naisula Lesuuda made some headway in her quest to ensure the work towards attaining universal healthcare in Samburu West kicks off.

After several meetings with the NHIF and World Vision in the past few weeks, she was able to bring on board more partners including AMREF, Childfund, and the County Government of Samburu.

They agreed that the first step is to come up with a tool of identifying the most vulnerable, those who are able to make partial payments and those who are able to pay and don’t have enough information.

She promised to share more details regarding the project once all data is ready, citing that inclusivity brings the diversity of brains together to solve our societal problems.

She hopes to lay the foundation for achieving one of her campaign pledges; towards universal healthcare for the people of Samburu West.